Wrinkle correction with toxin is the star trend in our non- surgical treatments , as it is used in aesthetic treatments and also treatments for pathologies such as recurrent
migraine, eyelid or jaw dysfunction such as Bruxism, among others.

We use a substance that paralyzes or decreases the function of the muscle on which it is applied and relaxes it. Smoothing pre-existing wrinkles or expression lines and preventing the formation of new wrinkles.
This preventive treatment with little dose is increasingly demanded by young people, who want to prevent the appearance of wrinkles with the application in small
doses, which helps to keep the skin uniform, maintaining a natural and revitalized expression.

Muscle Paralysis
What are its advantages ?It can eliminate or considerably reduce wrinkles between the eyebrows and forehead, crow's feet, and also slightly raises the eyebrows. In this way, it results in a younger and more relaxed appearance in the face.

The treatment does not require anesthesia.

Either requires evidence allergic.

It can be applied to the neckline and neck, and perioral wrinkles.

The results are optimal in the contour of the face, which results in a more natural appearance in relation to filler products.

It can be applied in any season of the year.

Its results are evident after three or five days, and are definitive after two weeks.
who  may take advantage of it?Young patients with first wrinkles on the face.

Elderly people, being able to combine this treatment with therapies such as filler products.
are there effects secondary?Some small bruises may occur, which disappear after a few days and can also be hidden in the first few days with makeup.

Problems derived from poor aftercare, or headaches.
Muscle Paralyzing medication: When is it contraindicated?In pregnant women. Also in patients with coagulation problems and in those who are treated with anticoagulants.
How many sessions are held?After the first session, only small touch-ups are needed in 95% of cases, which is done after 7-15 days . It should be noted that a minimum of four months must pass between sessions.
How is the technique?Very low doses of the toxin are injected. This is done with a very fine needle, in small drops, and superficially in the area chosen for treatment.
What care should I have after the application?When the paralyzing medication is just applied, we must be careful to prevent it from spreading,
avoiding any activity that could increase vasodilation.

That is why for 5-6 hours we will not be able to:

Do sport

Go to sleep or lower our heads

Drink alcoholic beverages

Being in very hot places (for example cooking).

After that time you will be able to lead your normal life and the effects of the toxin will
appear after 3-5 days , being maximum at 10-14 days.