Facial Threads
Thread Lift

The tensor thread suspension technique is an effective method for facial rejuvenation. The tensor threads help to tighten and reposition the skin that has descended due to age and the action of gravity. To do this, subcutaneous threads are used, which allows the cheekbones to be raised, the eyebrows to be raised, the nasolabial folds (of the mouth) to diminish, and also recover the neckline. Many men and women opt for this operation, which offers natural results and quick recovery.

Facial Threads
Thread lifts: why use them?Because the technique provides efficient results for facial rejuvenation, with a minimally invasive procedure. With this surgery, the tissues weakened by gravity and the passage of time are repositioned on the face.

The action of the tension threads goes more beyond an elevation, it provides the dermis with greater firmness and smoothness, and is one of the antiaging treatments more effective since it acts at the subcutaneous level. In this sense, it must be taken into account that polydioxanone (PDO) and PLA stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen in the inserted areas. The result is a facelift without surgery.

There are PLA and PDO threads.
the ideal candidateThe facial suspension technique is recommended in patients with mild to moderate flaccidity in the face. It is used to raise the forehead and eyebrow area, to enhance the cheeks and neck, and to improve the appearance of the furrows near the mouth. It is also indicated in elderly patients or with certain diseases, who cannot undergo other rejuvenation surgeries that are more invasive.

It also offers benefits to people who suffered from ptosis or drooping of the eyelid, as a result of facial paralysis.
Does this technique replace facial aging surgery or lifting?No. Thread lifts are used in milder degrees, and generally as a preliminary step. It may also be an option in people who are elderly or have certain illnesses, for whom anesthesia poses a high risk. Thread lifts thus offer an improvement , although not as good as a facelift.
Thread lifts: their main benefitsIt is an effective technique to raise sagging tissues slightly. It does not leave scars, the cost is lower compared to other surgeries, and it is performed under local anesthesia. The PDO threads dissolve in 3 months and are incorporated as collagen into the tissues.
How are the threads?They are PDO, biodegradable. Its surface helps them to anchor in the tissues, lifting and tightening them. After 3 months they are incorporated as collagen into the tissues.
Anesthesia: the detailsFacial suspension is performed under local anesthesia.
How it is performed?The surgeon marks the area, applies local anesthesia and then inserts a small cannula into specific points, where he fixes the support threads. These are placed under the skin. The lifting effect is immediate. The collagen biostimulation effect continues for up to 3 months, so the result will improve over time.
How long does this procedure take?Approximately 30 minutes. It is done on an outpatient basis. After done, the patient can return home.
Is the postoperative period painful?The technique is minimally painful or minimally disabling. A small bandage is worn for the first 24 hours. Sometimes there may be slight swelling, and sometimes small bruises. On the third or fourth day the patient can return to their usual tasks.
How long does the effect of the threads last?The effect of the thread lift lasts 12-18 months.