(Nose Filler)

Nose filler or rhinoplasty is a new trend that allows you to correct certain imperfections in the nose without going through the operating room. Rhinoplasty allows you to hide a hump or lift a nasal tip through fillers, but it does not serve to reduce the size of the nose or treat nasal deviations.

Rhinomodelation (Nose Filler)
How long does this procedure take?Rhinoplasty lasts 20-30 minutes. It begins by placing an anesthetic cream for a few minutes to help numb the skin.

Then, the infiltration of the filler is carried out at strategic points to correct slight defects of the hump, nasal tip descent by means of augmentation.
How is the post-procedure?The results of this treatment are immediate, although you may have some swelling in the first few days.

These first 2-3 days you may feel a little discomfort , which is easily controlled with common painkillers.

You must go to the control in 7-14 days to reevaluate and if necessary put a little more padding.
How long does the Filling last in a Rhinomodelation?You have to know that it can vary from patient to patient, but the approximate duration is 12- 18 months.