Rich Platelet

Biostimulation with Rich Platelet Plasma (RPP) is an effective treatment in skin rejuvenation, alopecia and even in reconstructive surgery.

With great advantages and numerous uses, Platelet Rich Plasma is indicated for all those who want deep hydration and regeneration of the skin or improve capillary density. Platelet Rich Plasma is abundant in growth factors, which help to generate new blood vessels in the area that we infiltrate, nourishing and increasing the proliferation of cells, fibers, activation of collagen and elastin, which give consistency, elasticity, flaccidity, luminosity and purity to the skin minimizing the effects of photo or chrono-aging and even reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Rich Platelet Plasma
Platelet-rich plasma: why use it?Because it accelerates the rate of regeneration and normal healing of the body. We are not using foreign products, but the patient's own growth factors.
The advantages of plasma rich in growth factorsIt is a safe treatment : PRP, acronym for "platelet-rich plasma", is achieved with a small extraction of blood from the same patient to be treated. That is why it is not possible to transmit any disease. The patient's blood is centrifuged in a PRP machine for about fifteen minutes.

It is comfortable : the treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis, in an office, without the need to enter a clinic or hospital. Fast healing : growth factors that are administered on a wound accelerate the synthesis and regeneration of tissues.

Ease of use : PRP is easy to handle and, strictly speaking, facilitates the application of bone replacement elements and bone grafts. It is generally applied in aesthetics with small needles such as mesotherapy.
PRP and facial rejuvenationThis aesthetic medicine treatment is perfect for treating facial aging. It is a new procedure that allows the separation and use of growth factors ( which are biostimulant substances ) from the patient's plasma. Its purpose? Stimulate, accelerate and enhance tissue regeneration.

When growth factors are isolated from plasma, they are delivered to various areas of the body such as the face, neck, décolleté, etc. Tissue regeneration is accelerated and greater smoothness, thickness and luminosity of the skin is achieved. In addition, it delays the effects of aging.
The technique of use Obtaining platelet-rich plasma is simple. Blood is drawn from the patient, placed in tubes with anticoagulant, and the plasma is separated into fractions with a controlled centrifugation process. The PRP is then administered with mesotherapy.

After 30 years of age, this procedure is useful to prevent and delay the aging process. After 40 it is used to regenerate and correct.
Side effects of facial rejuvenation treatmentRedness, swelling, and redness are likely within 12 to 24 hours. Some patients feel headaches after it.

It is also a procedure with few adverse effects.
Facial rejuvenation with PRP: cases of exclusion People with cancer, undergoing chemotherapy treatment, those suffering from skin diseases and allergies, people with severe metabolic and systemic disorders, or abnormal platelet function cannot be treated
The resultsThey are visible three weeks after treatment. The results progress gradually over the following months, achieving better texture and tone on the face.

This treatment does not eliminate advanced wrinkles. In addition, its benefits are not fully noticeable in people who abuse tobacco and alcohol.