Breast augmentation with breast implants It is one of the most practiced interventions in the field of surgery . plastic . It consists of increasing the volume of the breasts by means of gelled silicone implants. This is always done according to the characteristics of the patient: her body and chest width .

When can a breast augmentation be beneficial? When the breasts have small volume.

When there is loss of firmness and filling.

After pregnancy and lactation.

In cases of breast asymmetries.

Gender Reassignment Surgeries
What pathologies make this surgical treatment contraindicated? The breast surgery would be contraindicated in patients with mastopathy fibrocystic , with frequent exacerbation processes. Also in patients with active infections or coagulation disorders. In addition, patients undergoing breast cancer treatment must resolve this pathology in case they want to perform this reconstructive surgery.
What is done in surgery?It consists of placing breast prostheses of sylicon. They are placed behind the gland or muscle. This depends on the characteristics of each patient. The results are always natural.
How long does the procedure take?A breast operation lasts approximately 1 hour and a half.
How to prepare for surgery?The doctor will tell the patient how to prepare. This includes indications regarding the intake of liquids and food, suppression of medications and supplements, and habits such as smoking. It is important to make sure that a companion can help you when you are discharged.
How is the surgical procedure?The breast operation It is done in a clinic or in a hospital. It is performed under local anesthesia plus sedation: the patient remains asleep during the procedure. Only in specific cases is it performed under general anesthesia Breast augmentation is done through a small incision. It can be done in the groove under the chest, in the armpit or around the areola. This depends on the surgeon's preferences and/or the patient's anatomy. In all cases, care is taken to ensure that the scar is practically imperceptible. From this incision, the breast tissue is lifted, thus creating a “pocket” in which the breast prosthesis is placed. Finally, in some cases a drain may be necessary, but in most cases, Dr. Alvarez leaves no drains.
How is the postoperative? Feeling tired is normal after breast surgery. However, you will be able to lead a normal life after 24-48 hours. Most of the discomfort is controlled with the medication indicated by the professional, although the breasts may bother for a couple of weeks. Dressings and bandages are removed after a day and replaced by a special bra. Burning sensation in the nipples is also normal in the first two weeks. Dr. Alvarez leaves stitches that reabsorb on their own, so it is not necessary to remove stitches, the edema does not subside completely until three or six weeks after the procedure. Otherwise, the appearance of the scars will improve steadily from six weeks. It should be noted that breast checks may continue to be performed, although noting the existence of the breast implant. It is important to know that this surgery does not prevent breastfeeding.
Should I take special care the first few days?You will be able to resume your usual tasks in a few days. Of course: you have to take precautions. Do not lift heavy objects for a few weeks, and avoid lifting your arms for the first seven days. You should also avoid excessive physical contact for three to four weeks, as your breasts will be more sensitive than normal.
Breast augmentation: what are the risks?It is a safe technique, as long as it is performed by specialists in plastic surgery. Still, there may be complications and some risks. The most common is capsular contracture, which occurs when the internal scar contracts excessively. This causes the breast to become harder. This complication generally occurs several years after the operation (more than 10). Treatment may require removing the internal capsule and sometimes changing the implant. Hematomas are another of the rare complications that can occur. Only in specific cases does it require a new intervention, which is carried out to eliminate the accumulation of blood. Another effect, noted by some women, is increased or decreased sensitivity in the nipples. The changes are usually temporary and in very few cases permanent. Cases of prosthesis breakage are extremely rare. In the case of silicone implants, a reduction in the size of the breast may be noted, although this does not always occur. In these cases, a new intervention will be necessary to replace the prosthesis. Currently, the leading brands cover a new implant free of charge in the event of rupture or contracture.