Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty
What a joy to have you here! There are dreams that become plans and the story that we will carry out together to get to the nose that you have always wanted begins with knowing us, knowing how you imagine it and from this first consultation, we will accompany you to fulfill your dream.
It is possible that you have something in mind but you still do not have the idea fully formed, so we will help you to form that idea, with your own photos through a simulation. This simulation will help you see the necessary and possible changes and get to see it in the photo of your own face.
Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is the most demanded surgery performed by Dr. Alvarez.
Other complementary nasal techniques that the doctor performs: Turbinoplasty (Turbine Surgery), Septoplasty (septum treatment). This section is focused on ultrasonic rhinoplasty.
Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia, it is the safest and most controlled way, since being a surgery of the respiratory part, it cannot be performed with sedation due to the risk of aspiration.
It is important to know the patient's motivations and that they are realistic. We will only operate on patients who want natural results, according to their face structure and without affecting breathing. Since we must not forget that this is its main function.
In the first consultation:
Special photos will be taken where you can see the possible changes after surgery.
These same photos help us to plan the surgery and see the necessary steps.
(see more in philosophy)

Dr. Emiliano will see you as many times as necessary to answer your questions and show you the photos of the simulation, as well as photos of other similar patients.
It will explain the anatomical differences (in simple words), to achieve the nose you have always dreamed of.
Rhinoplasty must be decided between patient and surgeon, expectations must be realistic and you must not forget the respiratory function in addition to aesthetics, which will also be corrected if necessary.

How is Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty different?
In ultrasonic rhinoplasty, the equipment only cuts bone , not acting on skin or nasal mucous membranes. (as opposed to the old hammer technique). This gives us many advantages:
1. PRECISION, we know exactly where we cut and how much. The healing will be much more controlled and directed.
2. LOW INFLAMMATION, since we preserve the tissues
3. PAINLESS, having less inflammation and being less traumatic
6. BETTER RESULTS: Due to a more precise and predictable technique.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)