Facial Harmonization

The excuses are always the same: I don't have time, I don't have money, I don't know if I'll make it… Will it be for me? I don't think there is enough practice.

And the results are always the same: poor results, low income, and failure after failure. So, would you rather continue to err or finally take control and make the right decision?

Learn how to get amazing results, earn 4 times more and increase your authority with only 4 steps using little material.

VIP Course (4 Steps)
In facial harmonization
What is it?

It is not just another course, it is a complete immersion in Dr. Alvarez's 4-step method of harmonization that will give you immediate return and will direct you from the first day of the visit, patient performance and how to deal with complications, if any.

It consists of a first theoretical part and the second practical part "Hands on" of more than 80%, fully guided by Dr. Alvarez.

At the end, you will leave with total security and many resources to be able to diagnose, apply properly with less material and earn money that same day.

If you continue to make the same mistakes, you will have the same problems. So, in addition to learning the techniques, you will have a whole chapter on bonus complications, how to avoid them, the places to be careful and, if they occur, how to solve them.

How is it?

The course is divided into 2 days:
The first day consists of a theoretical part to learn about the 4 Steps of Facial Harmonization.

In the second part of the day you will have a practical part by Dr Alvarez where you will see the application of the 4 steps of the first part.

The second day will be purely practical with demonstrations to the students and then each of them will be able to practice the techniques learned with their model.

The complete course will be administered by Dr. Emiliano Alvarez, who has more than 10 years of experience in surgery and facial harmonization.

There is a common point of all the great doctors who perform aesthetics, that is why some of them stand out and most fail to achieve their goals.

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What is it?

If you want to be among the best and most capable who go further, pay attention to what I am going to tell you: You do not need to know thousands of techniques, you can earn money every day continuously with just 4 steps.

The 4-step Facial Harmonization is a concept developed by Dr. Alvarez, which allows the face to be separated into 4 sectors, which allows for longer-lasting results, with less material and earning more money.

The easy thing is the right thing, uncomplicate is the objective.

Before spending thousands of euros of money you do not have, you should know that you only need simple techniques well applied, the simpler, the more reproducible and the more money you can earn.
You do not need complex techniques that are not very reproducible.


Day 1

• Facial Anatomy: Layers of skin, muscle and bone
• Facial danger zones. Irrigation and nerve care areas. Anatomy directed to fillers and botulinum toxin.
• Application techniques depending on Fillers: needles, cannulas and necessary materials.
• Full face technique: a focus on 5 zones.

• 1.Harmonization of the Look: Botox, Filler, Filler of Dark Circles, Brow Ptosis.
• 2.Mandibular harmonization: 3 chin filler points, mandibular ramus harmonization, with mandibular design.
•3. Lip Harmonization: Repair points to take into account, how is an aesthetically beautiful lip? Different types of lips. Lip Filler for Men. Botox for perioral wrinkles.
• 4.Nasal Harmonization: Rhinomodelation. Differences with Rhinoplasty. Scopes.
•5.Midfacial harmonization: Analysis of ptosis of facial tissues. Techniques used for correction with fillers. MD codes. Facial Fillers vs PDO Threads.

• Pre and post treatment: Pre and post care, creams, association with other aesthetic procedures.

Practice: Live model with Dr. Alvarez

Day 2

Practice Demonstration of the filling technique in a patient performed by Dr. Emiliano Alvarez.
Global Analysis. How to talk to the patient Steps to follow in the procedure. Post Treatment Care. Photographs.
• Student Practice: Supervised practice with Dr. Emiliano Alvarez, with application of some of the explained techniques.
• End of course cocktail and Certificates.

For Whom is it?

Doctors who are dedicated to aesthetics or who want to dedicate themselves full time, starting to earn money from day 1.

It can also be done by nurses with a master's degree in aesthetics.

Also if you are a dentist from the countries that can do it in full: Eg: Brazil, Chile.

In Spain you could only do the lip harmonization chapter for the moment.

FOCUS ON PRACTICEThe 4-step vip course has a special focus on practice, allowing you to see patients performed by Dr. Alvarez and immediately apply the techniques learned on real patients.
4 STEPSWe will divide the treatment of the face into 4 steps, with which you can treat 99% of patients
EXPERIENCEThe course brings all the experience of 10 years compacted in 2 days, all the mistakes I have made, the wrong or too complex techniques and the materials that are not useful have been discarded. You will have 100% utility without wasting time.

Available throughout the course and later for a month to remove all your doubts and questions.


You will have additional online classes for 3 months after the course on a relevant harmonization topic


If there is something that is true, it is that the doctor does not know how to sell himself. We'll give you an orientation bonus on medical and procedure marketing



How to attract customers: How to attract a customer, build loyalty and fill your agenda Diagnosis and pricing: Knowing how to diagnose correctly and choose the treatment that the patient can afford and makes a difference Photos, how to take the best photos to sell your work

-GUIDANCE ON SUPPLIERS and best materials



After the course, students will maintain personalized contact and all their questions about the material and content of the course for a period of 6 months in a special WhatsApp Vip Group for this purpose.

With several editions in Buenos Aires, we currently do it in Barcelona as well. We offer courses in Spanish and English.


Start today and earn money forever with this knowledge

Easy, reproducible and safe technique.



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