Chin surgery or mentoplasty is a treatment that is recommended for patients seeking an aesthetic improvement and adequate proportion of facial features. Sometimes it is about increasing the chin and in others decreasing it. When the contour of the jaw is well defined, a good balance of the face is achieved. Which also improves the jowl or neck area.

What kind of techniques exist?Mentoplasty consists of increasing the chin by a few centimeters. This can be done with different techniques:

Implanting a prosthesis in the chin . It can be made of various materials, for example Goretex ® or solid silicone. In these cases, an incision can be made inside the mouth, in the groove between the gum and the lower lip. Another option is to do it under the chin.

Infiltrating fatty tissue of the patient himself. In this case, the lipotransfer technique is used . The results are permanent.

Bringing forward a part of the jaw bone . This is done through horizontal bone sections or osteotomies. The intraoral route is also used. The edge of the bone is advanced and then immobilized with a plate.

A very prominent chin can be diminished by sectioning the bone. This is done with an incision inside the mouth. Osteotomies are useful for shortening, advancing, and narrowing the jaw.
How is the surgery?The incision is made intraorally . In some cases, with an external incision under the chin.

The surgery is preferably performed under general anesthesia. The stay in the clinic can be only a few hours, or a full day in some cases.
How is the postoperative?It is important to avoid massage in the immediate postoperative period, as it could cause displacement of the material placed. After the operation it is important to immobilize the area with a plaster dressing. He leaves after a few days.

It is essential to take care of the diet: only liquids in the first 24 hours, and then soft foods.

The medication prescribed by the surgeon easily relieves swelling and discomfort. Patients return to their usual tasks seven days after the operation. After a month you can resume physical activity.

The results of mentoplasty are appreciated immediately. However, they are more evident after seven days, when the swelling in the area decreases.